August 11, 2007

Monique bites the dust...

Decided to stay home for the weekend again and ride some local trails , swim the long course at the aquatic center and get back to some yard work. Nice weather and so much time to hang around and cook. Agghhh.... I love Moniques cooking ; -O

I got to take out the Alma for my first ride although only one gear for now. Just couldn't wait any longer. It proved to be a dirt bike feel and was not too big like I thought that it would be. I will have to ride the Epic and it on the same day/trail to see what is really going on.

And Monique?? She is getting along with her new bike so well... Not that her crash had anything to do with feeling out her new bike but she did break it in nice. Flying down some woops in the big ring and I see her little body pitch out horizontal . . . Ahhhh that does not look right! That is going to hurt!

We were going so fast and when I saw here little hundred pound body bounce I thought for sure that she had knocked the wind out of herself. She is a tough little girl though. Ripped shirt, cracked helmet, BIG scrapes and busies but she was still smiling... Crazy girl!

(Monique tests out her new ride with a horizontal bonko)

She said it felt like a snowboarding crash but your skin does not look like that from snow... I will have to get some pic's up when she is nice and purple. I think that rock under her tire is what broke the fall for her head. This is the first time I have seen a helmet crack like this. We had ice cream to sooth things over.

(helmets are for real!)

(2nd bounce to slide ended the shine to those new glasses)

The good news is that her bike is OK!! A little scratch but no broken levers or missing pink paint. The front tire blew off of the rim when she landed but we needed a walk back to the car as a cool down anyways.

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