June 25, 2007

Xterra Tahoe City

Race day in Tahoe and although this is my longest triathlon to date, I have been resting more and had more training going into it which proved to be a solid race for me. Probably the best "pacing" race I have done because I was worried about the distance so I kept it mellow for as long as I could. Also the first Xterra that I have gone into "injury free" so it was nice to push an not have to worry about the wrong kind of pain.

The water was cold. C O L D, C O L D, C O L D ! ! ! It was super clear too and when we all got going I actually forgot about the cold (for a little). The swim had two 600 yard loops with a beach run in the middle to mix it up Xterra style a bit. I needed the run in the middle and felt myself slowing a bit towards the end of the second loop. Just in time to get out and run to T1 about a mile up the road.

(Kevin Brown making his way to loop 2 of the swim)

Bike course was sick. SICK!! It has some long climbs, pretty technical, fast descents, slopping turns through the forest and loads of single track. Two laps and pace was so important. I held back just enough on the first lap to push it as hard as I could on the second. I knew the run was going to be a walk/run for most people seeing as it was all up and all down so I let it go on the second loop. After the initial first two climbs there are some rolling features that you can hold momentum on and I got to pass a few crowds of people there. Just before the last decent I was questioning stopping at the aid station and ended up locking up and crashing into it!! haa haaa.... Gatorade all over the pace and things got sticky fast. Sorry race volunteers! What a rookie move.

Going into T2 I got my feet out early and had a great transition. This is the first time I have done this with mountain bike shoes and it went over perfectly. Off on the run and right into a climb through some rolling hills on a paved road, dirt road, single track and back.

(making it through the run)

The run was no surprise as we scouted it out the day before. Steep, over logs and you name it and then just when things started to level out we were flying downhill busting up our quads. Good times and it was nice to finish downhill. I ended up passing a few people on the last few miles which is amazing for me on the run. It was all heart at this point as we were getting into the three hour zone and on the home stretch.

Done. What a day... Clear skies, BBQ to finish and good times and trails all around us. Hope I can still ride tomorrow.

(Kevin Brown and I trying to "ice down" in the water)

I ended up finishing in sixth place and getting some points for the Xterra series. Hopefully, I can put together a season of "non-injured" races and make it to the finals one year.

Here are the official results

Swim: 0:29:28
Bike: 1:57:13
Run: 0:52:50
Finish: 3:17:35

Also posted some pictures of the race and course over here.

June 20, 2007

Riddin' and Reno

Got to Tahoe last night and found a spot. Good times camping. Got a light swim in last night and was shocked at how clear and cold the water was. KEEP TAHOE BLUE! : - )

This morning we got to pre-ride the bike course but I think we got lost somewhere in the second loop. So many trails up there but so little time. We ran into a few locals and a few Xterra signs starting to show the course but most of it will not be marked until race day. One thing that can be counted on is the climbing but the trails are in good condition and lots of passing options. Here are some of the pictures. Man, I wish I lived up here.

Now we are up in Reno and have a few days again with family. Monique's cousins Kristin and Brandy are having us stay with them and showing us how many thing you can really get done while talking on your cell phone. Dang! These girls must have one big phone bill!

Brano also gave us some world-class massage to keep loose. Wow did that help. THANKS Brano! We got so loose we had to crash their Moms luau and play some music for everyone.

Good times in Reno!

June 18, 2007

Yahoo Tahoo

On our way up North from a few days fishing with the folks in Bishop.... Little sleep from the cars and bomb alarm! but we are in good spirits after a fresh meal at the Mobile Restaurant. Gourmet!

(The highly recommended food is good as it gets)

We are now in "Gardensville" just south of Carson City at another Starbucks! ! ;-P We need to find a place to camp out tonight near Tahoe City. . . We will pre-ride the Xterra bike course tomorrow in the morning and then we are off to see Moniques cousins in Reno(but not before we hit up the Patagonia store on the way).

Back on the road again...

June 12, 2007

Runnin Times....

Another fun run in the hills but the "race" kept the pace a bit faster for me. There was a good crowd out for the first of three runs through Peters Canyon and the old guys were out in front again. Well, not all of them were old. Brian Vaugn ended up winning 1st overall (at 17yrs young) but Michael Collins was right behind (5sec) to finish in second place overall. I had a battle to keep my “POSE” form but I had never felt better on a run. It was nice to keep my mind busy on “falling” and not have to worry about any pain . . . A welcomed change.

I may have started out the race a little faster than I should have when I found my pace next to Steven Owen. He is usually a lot faster than me but I kept thinking we were just at the track for practice. It was helpful to watch his form too! The course started on a smooth dirt road with a smooth climb into the park and slowly climbed higher as we moved into some B I G rollers. The pack was pretty tight up to that point but people really started dropping off at this point.

I ended up finishing just behind Steve Ownen but that last hill really took a lot out of me and I couldn’t have kept that pace if Steven wasn’t encouraging me and helping me through the hills. I kept thinking we were on the last one and then . . . Agghhh. I don’t remember Peters Canyon being that big but I have only ridden there on my bike before so it goes by so much faster. Good times J

Here are some Pictures from the race and the results

Next trail run is July 12th and I hear they are running it backwards!

June 01, 2007

Mammy with M&M

Another trip and another post within the wonderful world of mammyland

Exploring new places and even trying to explore where the trail had gone between seasons