December 31, 2008

2008 Training Stats

Just hours before the end of 2008 and I just had to check out the polar reports for this years training. By far my biggest year of training! Although it is still on the low volume for most endurance athletes I am stoked that every hour put in was with purpose and I have learned so much to take with me to 2009 and beyond!

Before we get ready to watch the apple drop here are some quick stats

time and distances for the year (all sports)

Measuring my training by time, I put in almost 650 hours for the year. Out of that the majority went to the bike. Here is the breakdown.

Bike (all)
333hrs total - weekly 6hrs avg/17hrs max
3,289 miles total - weekly 62mi avg/ 257mi max
154hrs total - weekly 3hrs avg/ 15hrs max
2,042 miles total - weekly 45mi avg/ 237mi max
Mt Bike
177hrs total - weekly 4hrs avg/ 13hrs max
1,247 miles total - weekly 29mi avg/ 123mi max(temeclua!)

114hrs total - weekly 2.5hrs avg/ 7.5hrs max
550 miles total - weekly 11.4 avg/ 35mi max

65hrs total - weekly 1.5hrs avg/ 3hrs max
82 miles total - weekly 2mi avg/ 4.4mi max

58hrs total - weekly 2.5hrs avg/ 4hrs max
250 miles total - weekly 11mi avg/ 23mi max

21hours total - weekly :45min avg/ 1:40 max

Distance for the bike

Another great example of when things go right leading into a race. I had some solid rest weeks earlier in the season but the riding that started with Keevin in August was just enough to let me handle the harder workloads in the three big weeks prior to Temecula in November. Not that I planned any of it and I could not have planned it any better! During those three big weeks (big for me anyways) my rides with Keevin were added to two sessions a week with Sean Clancy. The 12 hours of Temecula race was the frosting on the cake. I have never felt that strong for that long on the bike and had never even ridden over 70ish miles before that three week block. Hitting 11 laps at Temecula was felt awesome!

distance per week running

My run is just the opposite. Low volume and my biggest week was just about 35 miles. I can count the friends I have that run on one hand... I cannot even number the folks who I can go ride with throughout the year. No worries. Plenty of room for growth in my running with some more volume and some speed work later in 09. 40% of my running this year was during a race! ha! That's good speedwork and I got a PR at every distance ;-P

OK. One more sport. Paddling! I just love it and the California Multisport races changed my paddling pleasure to make it something I would do even if I am not racing. For the short build that I had going into the Multisport series I really got a feel for paddling the surf ski's and and I looking forward to 2009 with more multisport and paddle races. Awesome core workout too!

Somewhere around June I started using Attack Point to log my training sessions. I am an enginerd by occupation so it is just one more way to checkout the data ;-) I have used the Polar logging since I started training but with the Attack Point I can log a lot more detail from anywhere over the internet and it has a bit more for training partners. Good stuff. Here is a breakdown of the last 6 months on Attack Point. 2009 is going to be awesome!!

December 29, 2008

snow times

Even if we are in Orange County and you can wear shorts year round. . . it still gets cold. . . If you are not prepared you may even loose a finger or two.

That was all I was thinking about after a freezing decent down our Maple Springs ride on Saturday. Monique, Tiffany, Wes, Corby and I headed up a clear road with sunlight and had no idea just how cold we would get on the way back to the cars. We were climbing and chatting it up on the climb and just about when we got to the snow patches the sun decided to take a nap. Heated up and a little sweaty from the climb we had cool times ahead. . . but they were good times too.

I had to stop about every three switchbacks so that I could get movement back in my hands and grab some brakes. My fingertips are still numb and I got that all to familiar feeling of "I just wanna get back to the car". Fortunately, we were all in good spirits and after some Starbucks and food.

I also got in a "base climbing test" on the way up too. The first real "baseline" test I have ever done but it should help me gauge progress through the year to see what type of workouts are proving to be best on the bike for climbing and how things are progressing for VQ this year. Yes, I am training for VQ this year and am pumped about giving it a good go!

The next day we headed up with a good group to Baldy for another snowshoe session. Not as much pow pow as when Monique and I were there just a few days before but there was adventure to be found!

We also had much more time and quickly passed the turn around point that Monique and I reached on our last trip. The trail that was worn into the snow also quickly passed and we found ourselves scooting along a iced over field of falling particles . . . danger... a little bit. Just because the trail was not present and everyone else was turning around didn't mean that we had to stop!

It was not until we reach the saddle that we realized heading back down would be a new challenge. Monique, Joe and Wes took a nasty slide down the ice and we were all thankful that they managed to stop...even if they had to hit something to slow their momentum. Amazing how quickly you pick up speed on the ice!

The good news is that everyone was safe and we all learned a ton about efficient snow/ice travel. Having the right gear is key but having the right group of pals is survival. Good times and we are all starting to look forward just a bit more to the Big Bear Snowshoe race in a few months. Until then we are sticking to the pow.

December 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Perhaps record levels of snow this early in the year for SoCal and just the right opportunity for my wonderful little wife and me to sneak away for some fresh snow at our favorite local mountain. The Mt Baldy hike via snowshoes. Perfect day and amazing pow pow...

We took the short route up Icehouse saddle but we were limited on time so we did not make it to the top. We did manage to put in over 2.5 hours to make just 5 miles. Yes, lots of stops for pictures and snow angels. Killer time and we even got a shot for our Christmas card. Hopefully you will get yours before Christmas if we get them out on time.

Happy Holidays!!
(no, this is not the picture we are using ;-)

December 14, 2008

Two to go

This is the second last weekend of the year and and another good one in the books. Friday night I got to paddle with the M's after a quick spin around the back bay. Monique and I got our double out and Marius and Mandy were speeding around the back bay on their double surf ski. Good times and somehow Mandy still managed to stay warm!

The next morning we decided to head up to Jasons parents and meet up for a ride through Whiting Ranch... Our legs were pretty blown from a long week of training but we had holiday food, rain and rest on the way so we just charged it. Jason, Seth, Dave, Corby Monique and I headed out into the clouds. Jason is getting so strong on his x bike!

(my baby now in the sub 20lb range)

After we got beat up in Whiting... Corby, Monique and I decided to head up to the luge and eventually Old Camp. The rain started and the views were amazing. Seriously, how many people see Orange County from this view?

I managed to bust a rear spoke down the luge but it was not slowing me down. The White Brothers fork and Ergon grips are so plush that they may never come of my bike... Rock solid and rockin! I need to expand those Ergons to my other rides too!

At just about 30 miles the hunger started setting in and heading back we were going into four hours and feeling beat...Then we realized that Jasons parents, where we parked, was way up on a hill. I volunteered to ride up, get the car and meet them at Starbucks at the bottom of the hill. I needed the extra climbing anyhow... When I got to my truck I couldn't find my keys! I pulled all of the gear out of my bag but no key...Normal protocol for me.

I rode back down to Starbucks and thought that we could just call Moniques sister to pick us up. I got there before them so I walked up to order a Mocha while I waited... After I ordered I opened my wallet and . . . my truck key was looking right back at me. Agghh... Classic Slater move as Corby says.

Back up the hill again to get the truck with 30+ miles on my tired legs did not feel so good but when I got to the top I watch the sun set and I had my key this time. Wow... a grateful heart is a happy heart. . . even if it is a tired one. Amazing end to another great weekend of 2008

December 08, 2008

end of year adventure

Yes, it is the holiday season but adventure racing never stops. . . In just a few days the best teams from around the world will be racing near Dubai at the 6 day Abu Dhabi expedition race. Adventure around the calendar and around the clock for them...

For us... We managed to stumble upon a local race that was put on for FREE by some creative folks over at F.E.A.R exposed. I was stoked to team up with Monique as we tagged along with Melissa and Ryan for a day of fun. I also got to test out my new rigid 2-9 fork for the first time and Melissa was testing out some 20-incher wheels...

This would be our third time racing through this area but there is so much diversity that we felt far away from home and civilization. Course design was spot on and we took in some amazing sites. Plenty of adventure was in store for us and we would find it!

Shortly after making our way out on the first trekking leg we managed to follow an off-shot of a trail up the side of the mountain. The trail turned into a goat track and then into bush bush and more bush. Aghhh. Adventure racing.

I can get into the details of our "extra credit" route but I will just say that our team was loving every minute of our adventure. Before long we reached the rope section and were in for some fun descents.

Racing with Melissa and Ryan was a good time... Perfect attitude for a fun day and we all kept the laughing at the top of the list.

Our route made its way back to our bikes and then down an AMAZING trail network (backbone, etc) to the shore. I really want to go back and ride more of those trails! Not much climbing and smooth lines. Nice!

We managed to start reeling in the checkpoints and our hunger was reeling us in... Time to finish up before the sun set on us.

The sunset was amazing. Seriously, it was one of the best I have ever seen and the pictures cannot capture it as always. We got some grub and then Christian was off to get Haley to a play that night. So thankful for the FEAR crew putting on this race and making such a fun course out of it!
They posted some pictures over here and I put some up over here too. Next year ya gotta get out and join us on this one!

December 02, 2008

Utahr riding

Yes, the trip got better! The next morning we packed up and headed for the Utah trails with a fast crew and a long day of ridding. Keevin was cracking the whip at about 5am to get us going. "your not on vacation people, lets move it"... Ha ha Glad we have a motivator in the group.

We started the day with what was going to be a quick warmup before we rode Gooseberry Mesa. We climbed out of our parking lot spot and were headed for a loop around the Jem trail, hurricane trail, China Wash and some others. The fatigue was starting to set in from the last few days and Monique was pushing to a new level. The day before our biggest riding trip Melissa and her decided to do an epic 4+ hour ride up blackstar, motorway loop with 4500+ feet of climbing. Nice! Those girls are going to be faster than me soon! We pressed on and settled into hours of these trails. EPIC!

Bobs helmet cam action

Hard to find the adrenaline after a few days like this but we managed. ;-) We also manged to stretch our little warmup loop into about 3 hours and we were feeling like we had been going for days without sleep. I dont know how those expedition adventure racers do it. I had a few "attempts" to keep pace with Jeff and later Mike after starting in the back of the pack. I would work my way up to the front and try to hold on which kept my heart rate over 170bpm for about 40 minutes each time. That is much higher than my HR gets on the bike during an Xterra or Multisport race just to give you an idea. These guys are fast and I was taking notes and trying to keep the oxygen going

The crew about half way through our loop
Monique and Natalie droppin in

Bob rockin the singletrack

me enjoying the trail

We got back to our cars, packed up our bikes, packed in a ton of food into our bellies and we were off to Gooseberry Mesa. We had been watching it while riding on the trials earlier in the day but now we were a few thousand feet higher and it was getting cold. The sun would be setting on us before long but we were far from done. . . Riding there was crazy... Like riding on the moon and I hear a bit like a mini Moab.

Jeff on the 2-9 SS making it look easy

We played for a few hours until the sun set and we cut our loop short. I got a flat and it was bound to be an adventure getting back to the cars. I never made the "lookout" spot over the mesa and there is so much more to explore out there. We MUST make a trip back again soon.

gooseberry mesa(partial) and our first loop in the distance

There are some more pictures posted over here and some from Laurie over here and Keevins over here.

The next day our butts were spent so Keevin & Heidi headed out for Zion for some canyoneering and Monique, Natilie, Laurie, Keely, Bob and I headed for some local rocks. Our plan was a hike at Red Rock Canyon and it was anything but a hike. We should have known with a group like this! We are on vacation...we can rest when we get home!

We started up a Steeep climb with an amazing view. It was definitely more of a climbing scramble than a hike. Just when things started heading down hill "somebody" started us out with a little jog... Our singletrack turned to a road and Laurie got a burst of energy and took off. The next think I know were are flying down the trails and laughing all the way. Its almost santa time ;-)

Four hours later we were back at the car and my four day smile was in full effect! I already miss those guys and cant wait to get back on the trails, get some food and hang out with them again.