September 30, 2008

Mountain Of Gold

Day after the last California Multisport race of the year and we are enjoying the Northern California coast... We headed out to Montana De Oro (Mountain of Gold) for some easy trails and beautiful views. Perfect recovery ride and the best time with Monique exploring the area. I'm so glad we decided to stay an extra day and take our time getting back... We rode some local trails and checked out the amazing coastline. The pictures just don't do it justice.

Monique, the coast & the "Moro Bay Rock" back in the fog

Wheres the surf?

I know...I have problems but I love that bike ;-)

After some shopping, eating and driving we met up with Chuck in Santa Barbara for an open water swim and some more food. Good thing we had our wetsuits with us because that water was COLD!!! It took us swimming the length of about two buoys to get numb enough to put our faces in the water. COLD. A quick swim and a long hidden sunset followed as we ate at a restaurant along the shore and watched the locals run about. Perfect ending to another day.

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