December 16, 2009

junk miles and big smiles

Time has been flying by this last few weeks...I guess I have been having fun and I really cannot remember any major milestones for the blog. Life has been good! I got my bump back to my base salary at work, have been spending record amounts of time with Monique and friends inside and outside of training and the food never stops at Casa Bluesails. I am stoked.

A few weeks back I turned another year older (33) and got to hang out with some cool people throughout the day. Not traveling for the last few weeks has been so nice. Loads of extra time and less stress. I am just going though the pictures on my camera now from my last few weeks... The one above is from Maui. I miss being there already but I cannot complain with our recent weather in SoCal either.

BDay ride fun

Now, as my friend Sean says...lets get to the things that really matter. Miles! ; -)

November was a good month. I had no training plans or schedule (still dont) and just wanted to get out and do what i felt like it. That was my one thought for a long time... Fast, slow, swim, bike, run...just do what I wanted for as long as I wanted and see where I ended up. It turns out as much as I thought I was a low volume guy I really like going long and STEADY. I really really like it. November was a good feel for it on the bike. It helped I had some good rides to do over the holidays with friends and the St George camp in the mix. Here is what I would call my bike focus block

In the 34 days ending 2009-11-29:

activity # timemileskm+ft

Road Bike16 51:19:54 796.76(3:51) 1282.26(2:24) 52819

Mt Bike8 22:51:25 183.32(7:28) 295.03(4:38) 18057

Swim17 13:45:00 23.54(35:02) 37.88(21:46)

Road Running13 8:46:06 65.97(7:58) 106.17(4:57) 3424

Trail Running6 6:12:00 42.05(8:50) 67.67(5:29) 4643

Weights5 1:40:00

Trekking1 1:10:00 2.5(28:00) 4.02(17:23)

Yoga1 25:00

Total31 106:09:25 1114.14

averages - sleep:7.7 weight:154.7lbs

In trying to be a better "tri"athlete I started to switch focus after the 29th and put some focus on my biggest limiter. Running. I also started to swim with more frequency and found that I really miss swimming. I swam in high school but never "got back into it" until recently and I think it takes that frequency to get that feel back. So that is my current goals for December. RUN, swim a lot and ride when I feel like it while getting stronger in my beer gut area. That means adding some pumping iron and some yoga for the first time. I like it. Here is what December looks like so far

In the last 16 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft

Road Bike8 13:36:04 215.42(3:47) 346.69(2:21) 5922

Swim11 10:35:00 20.61(30:48) 33.17(19:08)

Mt Bike3 5:55:00 56.87(6:14) 91.52(3:52) 8770

Trail Running5 4:52:22 35.32(8:16) 56.84(5:08) 4783

Road Running5 4:06:22 26.96(9:08) 43.39(5:40) 2776

Trekking1 3:45:00 14.3(15:44) 23.01(9:46) 3842

Weights4 3:05:00

Yoga3 1:15:00

Paddle1 1:08:00 6.35(10:42) 10.22(6:39)

Total16 48:17:48 375.83

averages - sleep:7.9 weight:154.2lbs

Perhaps I am doing too much too soon for St. George or any race in 2010 but I am not worried about it. I realize that there are far more athletic challenges (not to mention life!) outside of racing and testing of myself beyond a single day. I am really looking forward to some experimentation in 2010 to find my limits and just have fun with friends. Adventure races, super loops and ultra somethings... Pushing myself and training along side Monique and Jason the other day it just all became clear. Miles and Smiles.

Anyways, I have another goal to help me for December in getting my run frequency up and teaching me to keep my intensity under control. I am calling it the G3030 and it is based around Gordos 30 runs in 30 days. Until today I have never ran more than 4 days in a row and I have a real lack of self control when it comes to keeping my intensity in check so I think this is the perfect challenge for me to get on with. The real game starts January 1st so feel free to give it a go. I couldnt wait so I jumped right in now. It is either going to be good for me or public humiliation when I have to pull out before I get injured because lack of self control. It will be a good experience and I am looking forward to it.


Big Rig said...

I like the 30 runs in 30 days "challenge."

Sean Clancy said...

Awesome. Miles Make Champions! I think if you stick to your plan you'll be more than ready for the "hard stuff" in the final two months. Drops in the bucket...

Pedal Circles said...

Your hours are ridiculous, bro!

Keep up the good stuff!

Sarah Huddyson said...

happy belated birthday!!

Anonymous said...

That picture of the Luge flag is seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I also decided I'm gonna do the 30 runs in 30 days challenge...but I'm gonna start tomorrow...
-James (Walker)