January 18, 2010

2010 Challenges

Three or four years of racing and I think I am starting to figure things out a bit... What works for me, what i like about racing, training and what draws me to these challenges. Monique and I have had some amazing experiences over the last few years with trips and such but this year we are focused more on "challenges" than just getting out to race.

A "to do" list of some goals for the year that we are adding too for personal, financial, and fitness goals that we are both excited to get crackin' on. I believe this year will be very different than anything we have experienced in the past . . . you will see what i am getting at soon. However, if everything goes according to plan we will probably be a bit disappointed because we like surprises and we welcome change ;-)

As far at fitness and racing goals...here is a growing list of some key races that we want to get out to for 2010. We only planned some actual dates for the first 6 months and the rest are just some fitness challenges I want to try to fit in on the way.

  • 30 runs in 30 days
  • Expedition Adventure Race
  • Ironman St. George
  • 500 mile bike week
  • Vermont 50 mile Ultramarathon
  • The Vision Quest
  • Paddle till your Pooped Loop
  • Hiking on the JMT
  • Off-Road Ironman
  • Cactus to Clouds
  • Super Duper Multisport Loop
Looking forward to seeing YOU out there and wish you the best in 2010!

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