March 08, 2010

Gettin it done...letting it happen

I have been stoked to get through my little mini-camp injury free and totally ready for more. My TSB hole had taken a bigger dive than ever and I am starting to learn more about what it takes to get me "a bit tired"

I have been working on a post about WKO+ software (still not posted) and I am starting to get some use out of it after collecting data for about a year now. Here is a snap shot at my mini-camp and some of the sessions I got in. I was basically focused on bike volume after spending Dec-Jan trying to get my running up to par. Gordo helped me come up with a better outline so I would not completely crush myself or not leave room to push it a bit more before my St. George Ironman camp. That is going to be a long one...

In the 13 days ending 2010-03-04:

activity # timemileskm+ft

Road Bike10 29:02:59 509.53(3:25) 820.01(2:08) 26769

Swim9 10:00:00 17.68(33:56) 28.45(21:05)

Mt Bike4 8:55:00 65.87(8:07) 106.01(5:03) 10710

Trail Running5 5:49:23 41.47(8:38) 65.13(5:22) 4826

Road Running5 4:07:54 32.59(7:36) 52.45(4:44) 2152

Strength1 1:00:00

Yoga2 50:00

Total13 59:45:16 667.14

Time has been flying by (i wonder where my time has gone? :-) and I have been back and forth the last few weeks about racing Vision Quest or not. I have had such a better balance on swimming, biking and running and my mind has just been focused on long course triathlon. Mountain biking is still a deep passion for me and fun times with friends but I just dont have that "kick" to race VQ this year. I have been able to get out in the dirt with friends and the trails are the BEST I have ever seen them...Tacky, deep greens and browns and fast!

Last week I got a good balance of road and dirt. Palos Verdes ride and trail run mid-week after work with Sean. His "secret" training grounds have now been exposed and although we never made the Dream Crushers Century happen due to schedules and weather we all will be back in this area soon. Its pretty motivating that we have so many good places that are only about an hours drive away.

Later in the week I had some meetings in San Diego and was able to fit in a dreamcrush ride with James and Sean again...We hit the Walsh extension to the Swami loop. Good times. I know we have rough jobs! Riding with these guys is inspiring and being able to "share" our progress, setbacks and daily crap on AP is what i love! I have much respect for these guys and its always a pleasure to roll in the miles with them.

Then capped of the weekend with a ride up in the Santa Ana's with Monique, Beth, Ryan, James and Sean. This is what its all about!!

Yes, they are singing the happy song

Crack kills Ryan!

So for now I am just riding, eating a lot of the best food I can get my hands on and enjoying every mile of training. I feel like I have a totally different perspective this year with racing. Not in a hurry for anything really and just enjoying the journey. Probably a good thing for endurance racing.


jameson said...

this post just gets me more stoked to watch IMSG and cali 70.3. you KNOW what it's all about.

Luke said...

i want a TSB!! someday i will be able to afford a powertap and all the fancy software...i can't wait to crunch some numbers. until then it's all feel (heart rate strap just broke too, doh!).

can't wait for you to showoff some of your fitness next weekend!...and then again 5 weekends after that!! =)

Ryan Weeger said...

dude just now looking at your post. loving the trololo photo of us all cracking up at sean at 4 corners. sweet!