June 04, 2010


My racing schedule has been working itself out over the last few weeks or so...and so has the life plan. Monique and I have been more focused on planning than at any other time in our lives together. Dream big...then go crush it ;-)

For this year it is looking pretty close to this (should have a formal on the new website soon)

Tentative Race Schedule
Feb 7th Surf City Half Marathon Huntington, CA
March 27th Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman Oceanside, CA
May 1st Ironman Saint George St. George, UT
June 6th DuceMan Half Ironman Triathlon Show Low, AZ
June 13th Hibiscus Half Marathon Oahu, HI
June 20th-28th Endurance Corner Training Camp Boulder, CO
July 17th-18th The Coolest - 24hr Solo MTB Race Cobb, CA
July 24th-25th SPMA SW Zone Championships (LCM) Fullerton, CA
Aug 1st Tour of Buoys-5Mile Open Water Swim La Jolla, CA
Aug 14-15th Gold RushAdventureRace(Team Nuun) Redding, CA
Aug 28th Santa Barbara Triathlon (Long Course) Santa Barbara, CA
Sept 4th PC Point 2 Point Endurance MTB Park City, UT
Sept 11th Fiesta Island 40K Time Trail San Diego, CA
Sept 19th Playa Del Rey 1 Mile Open Water Swim Malibu, CA
Oct 10th IRONMAN World Championship Kona, HI

We were planning on some races this weekend at the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival out in Show Low Arizona. Monique is registered for the Xterra Triathlon on Sunday and I am registered for the Deuceman Half Ironman. However, with all of this planning and my super busy days at work over the last couple weeks and the desire to refrain from almost 20 hours of driving we decided to pull the plug on it yesterday. Plans change! That is part of the plan too! Racing has its place but I am more excited to stay home and do what I love a lot more than even racing . . . T_R_A_I_N!!

What a perfect change of plans too! Once we made our decision we got good news from many friends that we would be able to hang with at home. Some of them we dont get to see very often and hanging and training with them is what makes the training FUN.

Sean Clancy is back in town to grab his stuff for his move to Boulder. Yesterday, I got to ride with him and Cyril and chat it up between some good efforts. I was pushing 370 watts for over 10 minutes on a climb trying to reel in Dr. Clancy and still came up short. His last 8 weeks in Boulder at altitude is bringing his dream crushing to new levels!

Our good friends Karen, Jordan and Paul fly into LAX today after a successful summit of Everest. It will be a good time to hear the stories of adventure and catch up. Huge lesson in teamwork from that crew.

Then its time to swim! There is one of the biggest open water swim competitions just down the street from our house. The Pacific Open Water Swimming Championships all weekend long. We are going out to watch for a bit and then Michael Collins asked me to join a team for an open water team time trail swim race. SO COOL! How often do you get to do one of these races?

I also got a new sponsor that I am very stoked about. . . Blueseventy! "the world is swimming faster in blueseventy" and so am I! In addition to making some of the best swim gear out there and being the open water specialist they are showing support at every level and arena of swimming. A true leader. They even have some cool new tri gear that is coming out soon. I am so grateful for the support and it gets me just that much more motivated to bring my swimming into a new focus. The increase of time I have spent swimming with Nova and the open water swim sessions are getting me more and more excited about my time in the water and the swim races I have planned over the summer. I love swimming!

Saturday, I am also planning on the Huntington Beach Playa del Run 1 mile open water swim. This is just down the street from my house so Monique and I can ride our bikes to the start. Sure beats a 20 hour drive!

Between these we have some epic mountain bike rides and trail runs in the works with James, Ryan and the rest of the dream crusher crew. All just minutes from our pad. Excited to see how that all works out. Plan to have fun...Plan to focus on the process...the rest falls into place.

I have one more BIG goal and race for the end of the year that I am waiting to hear back about. It is all about finishing strong and loving what the process will entail along the way.


jameson said...

YES: "Dream big...then go crush it"

enough said.

J.P. Patrick said...

Wow, Slater! Kinda feeling like a slacker after reading that post. Going to bed early now so I can get up in the morning and get after my dreams!!

sean.clancy said...

You are on a warpath! Keep it up and keep enjoying it!

One event you left off the schedule that you might want to consider is:


Not sure if I would recommend IFOCE or MLE membership, but you can "race" amateur.