September 01, 2010


A final post as a quick note to let you all know that I moved my blog to a website that Sarah built for me over here --> She actually had it just about finished almost 6 months ago but I have been holding things up(here is her note on some of the process).

The reason I started this blog was to knock out some of my lessons learned and capture some experiences about those magical moments in the wild with my friends. Trail Time! While I have learned a lot over the last few years the questions and challenges just keep getting more interesting...and harder. I like that. I had a lot of different kind of questions in setting up my website and most of them have not been answered. Thank goodness the Great8 train did all the work of making it look good and easy for me. I hope that the new site will offer something beyond a learning lesson for myself and be a useful resource for you. Much more on that to come...on the new site.

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