June 12, 2007

Runnin Times....

Another fun run in the hills but the "race" kept the pace a bit faster for me. There was a good crowd out for the first of three runs through Peters Canyon and the old guys were out in front again. Well, not all of them were old. Brian Vaugn ended up winning 1st overall (at 17yrs young) but Michael Collins was right behind (5sec) to finish in second place overall. I had a battle to keep my “POSE” form but I had never felt better on a run. It was nice to keep my mind busy on “falling” and not have to worry about any pain . . . A welcomed change.

I may have started out the race a little faster than I should have when I found my pace next to Steven Owen. He is usually a lot faster than me but I kept thinking we were just at the track for practice. It was helpful to watch his form too! The course started on a smooth dirt road with a smooth climb into the park and slowly climbed higher as we moved into some B I G rollers. The pack was pretty tight up to that point but people really started dropping off at this point.

I ended up finishing just behind Steve Ownen but that last hill really took a lot out of me and I couldn’t have kept that pace if Steven wasn’t encouraging me and helping me through the hills. I kept thinking we were on the last one and then . . . Agghhh. I don’t remember Peters Canyon being that big but I have only ridden there on my bike before so it goes by so much faster. Good times J

Here are some Pictures from the race and the results

Next trail run is July 12th and I hear they are running it backwards!

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