June 20, 2007

Riddin' and Reno

Got to Tahoe last night and found a spot. Good times camping. Got a light swim in last night and was shocked at how clear and cold the water was. KEEP TAHOE BLUE! : - )

This morning we got to pre-ride the bike course but I think we got lost somewhere in the second loop. So many trails up there but so little time. We ran into a few locals and a few Xterra signs starting to show the course but most of it will not be marked until race day. One thing that can be counted on is the climbing but the trails are in good condition and lots of passing options. Here are some of the pictures. Man, I wish I lived up here.

Now we are up in Reno and have a few days again with family. Monique's cousins Kristin and Brandy are having us stay with them and showing us how many thing you can really get done while talking on your cell phone. Dang! These girls must have one big phone bill!

Brano also gave us some world-class massage to keep loose. Wow did that help. THANKS Brano! We got so loose we had to crash their Moms luau and play some music for everyone.

Good times in Reno!

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