September 24, 2007

24 Hours of Adrenalin - Hurkey Creek

Twenty four hours of pain? This was the hardest race for me to date. Why? Pace was out the window even if it was an endurance event. With the laps averaging an hour at a time you really had to give it your all and try to recover before your next go around... The first few laps are a blast until you realize your not even a fraction of the way through the race!

That is what makes it such a challenge though. . . and working with my favorite buddies - Monique, Mandy, Marius and Dave made it an unforgettably fun day and I was glad we had a full 24 plus hours to hang out. Not to mention our support from Georgina!! She could be out there suffering with the best of them too but she helped volunteer for us and we are so stoked for her support... And her South African stew ;-P

Georgina on point at the lap table

Marius had been giving some insight weeks before but for some reason I just never did the math for the total miles/ride time that we all would be putting in. I think that Marius, Dave and myself did six laps each (about 60 miles) which is only compounded when you consider it is at race pace. I guess that is where the rest comes in and I really get impressed by Marius. The night was the hardest time to push through and when Dave and I awoke around 3:30 we found Marius on his third lap in a row! Yes, he is just in another league.

Monique and I pretty much gave up on our hopes for the LA tri series triathlons after our first lap. Better to enjoy the race we were at than to try and do too much again. I still remember that bonk at Snow Valley a few weeks back. Two hard weekends in a row just doesn't work.

Now it is time to rest is up and eat away... Monique's Mom is cooking up some good food and I am starvin'

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