September 17, 2007


Now that we had recovered from our races and had the weekend to spend with Monique's parents (Willards Birthday!) we just had to sneak up to Mt Baldy for a quick Hike/Run...

We have been doing so much riding lately that I forgot how nice it felt to float down a trail with the simplicity of just your own two feet. The only running I have done in the last few weeks has been at the track or in a race but this was a wonderful reminder about time on the trail .

As we made our way up we talked about the first time we climbed up to the saddle (packed a lunch, jackets and all kinds of crap we would never need) and how that seven plus hours was so hard. Kind of like life I guess.... Was it easier to make the trip up and down now or just faster? We talked about how much has changed in the last two years. Bako, friends, goals, goals, goals... Thank God His mercy never ends.

There are a few things that I can always count on in a trip up Baldy. One is no matter how good of shape I am in or what speed I go I cannot get off that mountain without being sore. I guess that is what keeps me going back though. The other constant is the silliness that comes on just as we begin to settle into the trail.

This is why I love being out at Baldy. Maybe it is something in the water or something in the air but we were trying to get plenty of both on our way down.

Monique will probably get mad at me for posting this picture but it says it all. We made it back before dark and we were feeling it. I was almost out of beans and we were looking for dinner.

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