February 09, 2008

Morning wet to sunset

Following my rest week I wanted to get a swim test in this weekend since the aquatic center had the long course setup and I had finally started a regular swimming program. I have been practicing drills and a little volume but I have wanted to time myself for a baseline and it would be the perfect chance to get a measurement before the season. The plan was to get some bfast with Monique, swim long and then meet up with the SSFTA for the Saturday local mountain ride.

However, we got a call from M&M while eating breakfast and before we knew it our next adventure was well underway... A few bagels and quick jokes later and we were packing for a weekend stay with Mandy and Marius again with a loooong ride planed to San Diego. Here we go again ;-)

Before we left Bako, however, we got in a good swim and the water felt sSSOOOooo nice. Long course is just plain more fun and with the sun out I was taken back to how much I love the warmth of the sun in the summer. I got in my 1K meter time trial test at just under 30min (29:57) and we got to video tape some stroke sessions that were scary at best... What is with my left leg all out in right field??

Our plan was to get to M&M's and then pack up some camping gear / get a hotel / ride all night? until we got to San Diego but we compromised for Saturday night on a short 3 mile ride to the beach and snacked on some Trader Joe's dinner. The sunset insane and you could see all the obscure details of of Catalina.

The next morning was early rise and we beat the sun back up on our way out. Such a fun ride but I totally blew my rest week. We decided get some lunch in Encinitas, I test rode a lightspeed bike at Nytro and we grabbed the train in Solana Beach for a ride back. The ride will have to be on a repeat fo sho with some good planning and a night stay in San Diego with a stop at ExtraOrdinary.... oh la la....

Some pics

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