June 25, 2008

Icehouse and beyond

After almost a week in Flat Florida I needed some hills! The only place I know that is close and destroys my quads at any pace is Baldy so we were out on the trail for a warmup before the weekend festivities.

After getting into a rhythm from moving back to Orange County I decided to start posting some of our "open" training so we can build a network of growing friends and potential teammates. What better place to meet and get to know new people than in the middle of adventure?

My buddy Nick from work also came along and he is making great strides in endurance... I was so stoked from the run that it really made me miss spending all day running on the trail. There is just something so simple and seductive about it!! When I got home I signed up for the Santa Barbara 9 trails. I have wanted to race it for the last three years but continue to put it off because I want to race a bunch of little triathlons at the end of the year and my running volume is L O W... I am still averaging about 7-10miles a week for the last three months. Time to start the build! I decided to focus on more LSD running after the last Multisport race of the year and into the start of 2009. Time to get the run on!

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