June 24, 2008


Another night at "Cisco Networkers" here in Orlando Florida and I am WIDE AWAKE... It is just about 11:30 at home but here is is 2:30 am. I have been up checking out the Primal Quest tracks, looking up nerd docs from my training today and trying to get caught up on email. The last week or two have been crazy with the move and everything and I finally feel like I am getting caught up. Sleep somewhat back to normal(before this week!) and my inbox is shrinking. . . Good stuff.

I picked up a new IPOD Shuffle today on the way back to the hotel and found a ton of cool stuff to shove into it. This new found "sound exploration" all sparked from an article I read in Runners World on the plane over and the fact that when we were moving I ran over Monique IPOD with the moving truck. Nice huh... I run over her IPOD and I get a new one...ahh...I better pick one up for Monique too!

Here is a list of good links to load it up! Some old, some new and something to help push the miles by in euphoria and change it up a bit.

Scott Dunlaps Playlist
Gonna Fly Now (article) playlist
Crazy Random list
RunnersWorld Forum Picks

With all of the driving and some of the slow miles it is a good change to hear some words of wisdom on the trail too. Recently, I have been getting Podcast crazy with all the information I can take in. Here is a set of links for my weekly playlist of words.

Bible Studies "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"!
Endurance Planet professional, wide range of coverage and always something fresh!
GoFAR - Adventure Racing
Triathlon Talk -hardcore facts to make you faster
Cisco Systems - Nerd news on the go!

Well, hope you find something in here useful and I hope I can get some sleep soon...

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