July 24, 2008


Well... I always say it is about getting to the starting line and for some reason(s) we just couldn't manage to get out for the Night Adventure Race this year. It may have worked out even better now with me getting some rest for the Big Bear race and we have a chance to run through the course as Robert the race director is leaving the check points up for a while. We may even take a few friends along...We order some maps and will have a trip out to the heat soon...

It really helped on some lessons learned . . . even if we didn't race. For starters. . . I was way overtrained! Big surprise but after I started resting for the Big B Multisport race, I realized that I would have been totally blown if we did Roberts race. . . Only one team actually finished the race!! The other big lesson was in how much we wanted to get out for some adventure. "Sometimes the walls are there to show us how much we really want something" Robert could not have said it any better with these awesome words in an email to the racers

"We all seek adventure, athleticism, challenge - outdoor athletic challenge. In the adventure race format, we seek these things in the company of friends and companions - teammates.

I make a course as I would want a course. I believe this course was a good, imaginative course. It was well laid out and the CP's were accurate. But, it was a tough course and so I ask myself and I ask you; was it too tough?

I have found that with every race and or adventure that I've either been successful at or have failed at - I learned the best, most deeply lasting lessons from my mistakes. So in a sense, my best adventures have been my worst.

Some of you had a very successful race, some of you didn't. But, I know that all of you learned more about yourselves and or your team this past weekend; about your strengths and your weaknesses."

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