July 11, 2008

Peters run to Scout

This has been somewhat of a blow out week for me. . . I have been able to get in a few high intensity / interval sessions with some weight sessions too (my legs are still so sore!). My hopes are to finish the Scout AR this weekend and then start some slowing down next week before the Night AR and continue the trend into the Multisport. Hopefully, I wont get injured or blow up before then!

Tonight was another high intensity kicker with the Peters Canyon Trail Run stop #2. A super fun 5 Miles of trail with lots of ups and downs... Last year, I ran the first of the series and I think there was about 50 people. Now that number has grown to over 300 on a Thursday night! NICE!! This is just the type of race that Monique and I would love to put on too. Relaxed crowd, BBQ, Kids races...Fun!

The run was tough to hold the pace and I averaged a 6:45 pace overall. Not bad for feeling beat. Nick was also back on the race path and he knocked this out like he was jogging around the block. I am sure he will be ready for the Coastal Challenge! We had a good group running and got to catch up with a bunch of friends after the race as we enjoyed the BBQ. Everyone was just as stoked as us about moving back and it looks like we will make round #3 and trips to Peters Canyon on a regular basis.

We also had our "team ringsting" gear and race prep after the run. Josiah and Jeff will be joining Monique and me in the fun on Saturday and we are so stoked to race with them. This will be the first (hopefully of many) adventure races!! They have a big gear stop at REI (fun!) but we should be ready for a long day.

After the sun went down. . .Keevin, Monique and I went for a spin around Peters. Killer night and perfect timing... Cant wait until our next trip around the park.

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