October 19, 2008


What a FULL week of training... Not only did I finally get my longest running volume for a week ever @ 34miles but I finally got my road bike built up and let it roll...

I have wanted to do a century for a while and although it looks like such a long distance I know that pace is everything. Starting slow and finishing strong would be key. My goal was to do one by the end of the year but this week it all just fell into place.

I was feeling pretty motivated after getting my road bike finally put together... Keevin picked it up for me in San Diego on Monday, I rode it around the block on Tuesday...did some little adjustments and then put 141.7 miles on it Wednesday. Yes, I love it! Under 14lbs and equipped with the best stuff from the Raston EC90 components and Power Cordz laced up the SRAM gear....those Power Cordz are soo smooth and they look awesome with the carbon!

It is amazing how much faster the miles pass on the road. I managed to double my previous longest ride and the miles just rolled along and it was not as bad as I thought BUT I went very slooow for the entire ride. Just pleased to get a ride like that in and finally got over my longer ride fears...

The training for the week just stepped up another notch when I went on the Swami's ride with Sean on Saturday. WOW!! Real road riding and super fun! Sean continues to be super encouraging and we even added another loop through San Diego after the group ride with a brutal climb up Mount Soledad . Check out the after ride pancake!!

So much for the 10% rule!! My mileage just blew up this week. Longest running week ever and my longest ride and second longest ride ever. NICE!

Finishing up the weekend was the icing on the cake. Marius BDAY cake! We rode into El Moro for a camp out and Birthday celebration for Marius on his 21st Birthday. Amazing views of the moon and a long night of fun with friends. Perfect.

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