October 12, 2008

Running to NINE Trails

Long story short... I have never had high volume and I dont think that it is "needed" to do an ultra but with my races checked off for the year it is time to start running myself up for the Santa Barbara Nine Trails in just a month or two away.

Fear can be a good thing and holding back the running volume has kept me injury free for the year so far but I am learning a lot more has to do with the intensity. Time to focus on the LSD(long slow distance) for a while...

Looking at my running miles is pretty disheartening but I know I have been hitting it pretty hard as far as intensity. . . I have also been mixing it up quite a bid with paddles, swims, etc so I am hoping to swap some of that time/fitness now to running. Simple goals to a simple plan that can be executed.

(weekly running mileage from the last few months)

I had a good week and I am planning on getting three runs a week min and reaching over that 20 miles a week mark that has been illusive all year. Today I hit my max mileage @ Aliso with some repeats up Meadows and the miles came much faster than I thought. PACE is so key and I learned a little something from Tiffany about the all important walking breaks. Today I got in 4 laps and am hoping to build to about 7 in the two weeks before the 9 trails race.

The "volume or bust" certainly worked for me at SLO and the BOD so hopefully I dont bust before 9 trails(or at nine trails!). I really miss getting out on foot on the trails which is why I signed up in the first place so I am looking forward to getting time hiking and LSD running with some friends again! Just in time for the cold weather!

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