May 26, 2009

Weekend Fun

What a great, long and diverse weekend! Everything worked out for my trip to Alabama and I have a race report on the way but I am still in that weekend glow . . . it was a good one for sure. Plenty of time on the trail, good food with friends and after spending a couple of days in Bama's pissing rain I was so stoked to be back in SoCal. We have it so good here!

I made it back on Sunday but my bike was still flying around the country...United Airlines switched bag tags and the Moots got a trip to Denver, Spokane and then Phoenix but made it back Monday morning for our ride. Perfect timing. I was able to pick it up on the way down and slap it together in the parking lot before we started peddling!

We decided to take a tour of the 3 park ride, hitting Aliso Woods, Laguna Wilderness and El Moro parks. . . probably the most technical trails in each park too!

Lisa, Tiffany and Monique were all doing more than keeping up. These girls are tough and they still wear pink. Great balance! After this ride I am sure that our "normal rides" will feel like a walk in the park.

Ryan, Wes, Luke, Chris and Marius were always keeping the pace brisk. Luke is getting super strong and his endurance was proved again and again after multiple big days in the saddle he was still crushing every climb. Marius took us on a similar loop through the three parks about two years ago but I think we all found some new trails this weekend. . . and even more to go back and explore. Summer is here!!

heading back down to Laguna

Luke charging back up up up to Aliso

4 hours into our ride and the real fun begins

We finished up with a BBQ and a relaxing night. Perfect!! Ryan kept us entertained all night around the fire and it was a perfect finish to the weekend. Good times. . .

I started reading about crash cycles in training and I am trying something new again... I kept it going everyday since May 14th and I am building intensity every session(recovery is KEY). I was pretty beat after Bama and this weekend but have two more days left for a big push....then rest. Monique and I found ourselves on the trails today in Big Bear with P&K and it was the perfect way to keep it rolling.

Paul and Karen in their neck of the woods

These two have more experience and stories of adventure than anyone I have ever met and they are the coolest people stoked to hang with them and hear about their recent adventures on Everest. Really puts things in perspective! Looks like we will be back on the trails up here this weekend and hoping to repeat on the BBQ and fire stories!


Luke said...

an awesome ride with an great group! definitely good times!!

runninggunner said...

Looks like a killer ride with some fast company. Looking forward to the race report

Ryan Weeger said...

Such a cool ride, Ive always ridden the 3 parks separately, was awesome to finally loop them all together with everyone!