August 30, 2009

Training Update

I think this the first time I have ever added a blog entry on a weekend... Yesterday was just so good it feels like the weekend is complete and today has become a true lazy Sunday. Ah, this is nice.

stress + rest = success

Yesterday, I finished up my first of a two week training build and it proved to be the best quality week of training I have put down all year. Feeling 100% ready to put in the effort and recovery needed is such a huge motivator.

Running - I have been working on my running frequency and got in 5 sessions last week. The first time I have ever ran 5 times in one week and my stride is starting to feel so natural now. Volume is still low but I am feeling better and better on my feet and I plan on slowly adding in some duration to each session. I just hope I can layer on some speed by the time Xterra Nationals and Worlds comes around but running more and injury free is pretty awesome in itself. Frequency, duration and then the secret sauce. All in good timing.

Swimming - I have never felt more comfortable in open water and finding a nice pair of feet for a draft but I need to work on bridging gaps and staying with the lead pack. I need some speed! I just signed up for Masters Swimming so starting next month (tomorrow) I will be getting my arsh handed to me most mornings before most of you are off to work. I am really looking forward to it and just like my running it is better late than never...

Bike- I love riding bikes ;-) I am still seeing my power numbers go up with just about every ride. Its motivating and I know I still have a lot more I can do to get faster on the bike. I logged just under 250 miles on the bike this week and finished it off with a fun group ride. James was right about group rides too. They motivate and make you fast! Yesterday, I joined Beth, Alison, James, Luke & Justin for the Celo ride. The group thing is still a bit new to me... I felt like I was in the tour! ha! So cool. Taking turns pulling with these guys was awesome and it felt like we were on a big team. I'm hooked and searching for group rides like a crack addict on the hunt now.

After the ride some of us headed north for a little surf session and some beach time. Its been way too long for me and it capped off the day/weekend/week for me. Good time, I hope to repeat again soon.

my nephew Kadin taking his first paddle lesson

Next week is round two of the training block and it is going to be hard as hell. I am looking forward to it and and am resting up for it now. Hope to see ya out there!


jameson said...

saturday was fun... so stoked you guys came out. i am down for hitting the group rides anytime... just let me know.

keep up the killer training...

Pedal Circles said...

Awesome sunset photo!! Thanks again for the beach invite. Was cool hanging out.

It's Labor Day weekend! What is everyone riding?? :)

Hua said...

awesome photos and the surf looks pretty good!

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