December 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Injury

Well maybe I need to take a break and rest a bit more... Maybe I stretched too much yesterday? My shoulder came out again last night going to sleep and although it was not too sore from the first time, I woke up this morning with it feeling pretty stiff. I guess that swimming was out so Monique and I loaded up the bikes to ride the trails at Bonelli again and explore some more of the park.

It was a beautiful day and Monique and I were able to spend some time and talk a bit about the important things in life like what food we were going to eat when we got back and where we want to live when we are old.

Here is a picture of the Hot Tub rentals that they have a Bonelli. I don’t know if I would ever want to get into one because chlorine only kills so much and who knows what goes on in there!

Its a great view from the tub!

Well my day would not be complete without getting hurt so when we got back we decided to walk our new puppies around the block. The are so cool.

On our way back I steped on a pine cone and sprained my ankle... Crap! What gives? I was thinking that I should put on my trail shoes when we left the house just because of this very reason. I was walking in some oversized soft shoes that were just looking for a twist. Now I will have to put off my trail running and swimming for a while. I am putting it to the ice now...

We have our 50mile ride this weekend so I am hoping that I will be able ride a bit by then.

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