December 19, 2006

Mud Ride

This weekend (Sat.) we ran the first course preview for the TwinPeaks ultra that covered miles 18-32 of the race. We had a great time and met some really cool people. Next weekend is the second course preview that covers miles 1-9/22-31 (18.6 miles). Although it was pretty cold the rain was very light so we didnt have to contend with the mud on our run. However, Sunday was another story.

I decided to ride some trails that I had never been to at Bonelli park and got stuck in some of the worst mud ever. I spent a lot of time hiking (on my 4" lifted bike shoes) because I couldnt keep the mud from jamming my tires. Most of the time I could get about 8 feet downhill until my front tire locked up. This was a great time to test my equipment though.

It is funny how when you look at pictures after an adventure they never look like you felt at the time. The pain and mud never look as bad as you felt going through it and the beautiy of the trails and mountians just cannot be caputured in a picture the way they can when you are struggling to climb it or racing down one. I guess you just have to get outside and experience it to really know.

My ride was only about 10miles but I as able to get a peek at most of the parks trails. It would be a fun place to connect some of the single track loops though the park if you know it well enough. Maybe when I bring someone with a GPS we can add it to Geoladders? Keep an eye out for that route soon.

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