December 18, 2006

Planning a season

Another season of races and places to go!

How do you plan on what adventure to go after, what to leave behind and how to fit peaking performance into the mix? You got me! I just go out hard and enjoy the scenery. It has worked for me so far but then again I am not as competitive as some people (and I am a friend of the bonk). This next year however, I will be blogging out my training and the lessons learned to discover what type of progress I am making and have a log of all the good times spent on the trail.

The first triathlon that I ever competed in was an Xterra triathlon and it whooped me bad. I have not been able to race another one since that time but the challenge of that first race sparked a new interest for me to get out and enjoy the outdoors and challenging myself in a new way. This year, I am trying to focus on the Xterra off-road triathlon series as I have never done a "series" race season before. I figured that it would the best approach to take for training because I would get enough swim, bike, run workouts to keep in shape for Adventure Races or trail runs throughout the year. Who knows, maybe I will make it to the Xterra finals? Lately all that I really want to do is run on some trails so if I don’t make the championships I will have more time for some ultras later in the year :-P

Along with the challenge and lessons to be learned I am looking forward to the time spend out on the trail with friends and my wife Monique. After completing our first marathon last month we decided to sign up for our first ultra on February 4th. It is fitting with it being the first Ultra in the OC so we don’t have to worry about breaking any course records yet ;-) The race is called the TwinPeaks Ultra Marathon and covers the two peaks of the Santa Ana mountain range. We signed up for the 50K but there is also a 50miler that has over 11,000 feet of climbing. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

Now. . . I better start running!

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