January 22, 2007

Finding my way the day after

I usually feel much better when I can get out the next day after a race and get a light walk or swim in. I guess it has something to do with getting the blood moving and working out all of that lactic acid buildup. On Sunday, the LAOC (Los Angeles Orienteering Club) was having a meet at Schabarum park and the pace was just what I needed. I could get my legs moving again while I learn how not to get lost on(or off) of the trail.

(Schabarum park O-Meet - At least the group was easy to find!)

The LAOC has clinics for free before each meet and I was front and center to learn some new words and the use of some new tools. These clinics are a great way to get insight into orienteering and the cost for the rest of event is minimal.

The punches have even gone tech! Instead of the using punch cards like I have seen at adventure races at each checkpoint, the LAOC had high tech memory sticks that you would place into each checkpoint to record your visit. The punch was still at each checkpoint as a backup but the memory sticks recorded so much more information. After finishing each course you would receive a printout of your splits between each checkpoint and total time. Now I have proof that I suck at this!

(A view of the electronic punch at the top of the checkpoint flag)

I was able to run on some of the trails although my quads are still giving me trouble it was nice to be out in the air again. The “orienteering” group is a unique bunch of people and I see that it is going to take time and patience to develop this skill. However, the pace for me now was perfect… slow and easy on the legs and slow and easy on the mind.

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