January 01, 2007

A look back at 2006

This year I turned thirty and just when I thought that I would not change anymore I found myself exploring new things for the first time. Last year, I did my first triathlon and did not know what I was in for... That set the stage for 2006 in more ways than one. This year, I had set my first tentative race schedule that changed more times than I did this year, but it allowed me to taste a bit of the trail in several different events and really see what I wanted to pursue. Too bad it turns out that I like everything! ;-P You can only fit so much into your weekend slots.

It was a year of first for me also. I ran my first 5k (that I know of), 10k, half marathon and ended the year with my first marathon. I also jumped into my first adventure race and ended up being lucky enough to complete three more by the years end. I tried out a few more triathlons and finally got to backpacking through Yosemite with Monique. A first that I have been waiting a long time for…

Here is a brief highlight of some of the races I completed

10/9/05 - Steamboat Sprint Triathlon2nd Place AG

1/21/06 - Rio Bravo (10K trail run/16mile mt. bike)2nd Place AG

4/1/06 - Kern Trail 10mile Run4th Place AG

4/29/06 – LA Championship Triathlon6th Place AG

5/20/06 - Bakersfield Triathlon2nd Place AG

8/5/06 - SqawValley Mt. Run 2nd Place AG

9/10/06 - LA International Sprint Triathlon2nd Place AG

10/1/06 - Bonelli Olympic Distance2nd Place AG

11/4/06 - Stinson Beach Marathon2nd Place AG

Adventure Races I got to race in with a great people - Scout Challenge, Big Blue San Francisco, Pumpkin Scramble and the mini AR down in San Diego

In all of my racing this last year I really did not have direction or a plan. I think that is what made it so fun and also such a great exploration. I really just wanted to try out as much as I could and try to keep on the trails as much as possible. Although I did read some books about periodization and general training concepts, I had a really hard time sticking to any schedule with my work travels and meetings. I guess that is part of the challenge for everyone. In 2007, I am trying to keep it simple and focus on the Xterra series triathlons as my primary events which should keep me in good enough shape to do as much trail running and adventure racing as I can fit into my schedule.

My main motivation is still the discovery of what can be accomplished or what I can challenge myself in exploring my limits in a new way. What is it like to run for one hundred miles at a time? What does it take to kayak, ride, trek and navigate through the unknown for days with little to no sleep? How do you encourage your teammates or take encouragement under those circumstances? How do you successfully peak for a shorter race that demands speed and power like an Xterra off-road triathlon without blowing up?

I would love to see how I get the answers to these as I explore what I can do. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” My motivation remains constant and curiosity leads me on…

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