January 19, 2007

Tired Legs

In an attempt to “spice up” my training I tried a few new workout type sessions this last week and I am still really feeling it. I usually run at the same pace, ride at the same pace and you get the idea… I have just been building endurance for so long now but I need to start getting some speed too. Last weekend I tried to pull some new workouts out of a triathlon book and learned what V02 Max training really is all about!

Here were the workouts I went through

Run – 8 X 30sec max effort sprints / 1:30min active recovery

Bike – 6 x 60sec max effort hill climbs / 2min active recovery

I was so sore from the run Saturday I really couldn’t do much on Sunday except a light swim, I took Monday off as a rest day and when I was done on the bike Tuesday my legs were done! Last night I ran for the first time all week at Aliso Woods at a very easy pace just to get the blood going in my legs but I am still sore and I feel like I don’t have the power to push if I needed it. My body is really not use to this type of effort workouts but I’m glad that I started them now I am just worried I won’t have any juice for Rio Bravo Rumble tomorrow. I am going for a light swim today and I am going to work on my stretching!

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