March 30, 2007

Folsom Times

Its Friday!! This week went by so fast and I have made it through the injuries and the fiscal year end at my job. It feels so nice. I was able to get some running and bikin’ in this week with no pain and I even got to through down a brick workout. Although I didn’t have the perfect build or taper going into my Xterra races they are here and I feel ready. I feel rested . . . more than I normally do going into a race. I feel confident. I may have not had a fast workout since the Rio Bravo but I exceeded my expectations there and feel more than ready for Sunday’s REAL Mt Bike Triathlon race. I feel relaxed. It’s the weekend and we are already at Granite Bay with work behind us and a sneak preview of the course fresh in my mind.

(The smooth trail and fresh grass is almost too REAL)

The bike section looks fast and flat for the most part but there are a few spots where you HAVE to get off of the bike to cross some rocks and water. Not to mention the sand traps in a few spots. Welcome to Xterra!

(Monique wonders how we will get through the sand-pow)

Monique and I took a swim out on the lake today (~50 degrees or something) and it was the first time in my suit since last year. Did I mention I am rested? The course super fun and beautiful! We are camping just down the road from the race setup so we are going to do a small brick workout on the course tomorrow morning. Then it is on to some resting and exploring the Folsom Lake area.

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