March 03, 2007

Time is up

It is now March 3rd. 12:06am and I have just reviewed the last update for the VQ for the first time. Less than 4 hours ago I discover that the VQ was going to be on Saturday not Sunday like I had thought. I am so unprepared for this race and the stress from my job this week was brought to a new level; part of the distraction from the race. I'm tired and worried but it may be best as I will learn how it feels to go into a longer race tired.

My IT bands are feeling better and I did get a massage today. I was hoping for a day in between that and the race but that was not as big of a mistake as my swim session about 30min ago. Dang…. What would I do without Monique reminding me of these things? I am suppose to meet Marius at 4:05 to carpool to the race start. Time to say a prayer and get some sleep.

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