March 17, 2007

Summer Time?

This weekend it really felt like summer was back in town and I just wanted it to stay around for a while. Although my IT band problem is far from over I was able to ride my bike while Monique pounded out a couple (or eight) miles or so and I got to video tape here style. Yeah…She’s got style.

My IT band is all stretched out and the pain doesn’t hurt now when I walk but I want to make sure I am fully rested before I start running again. I had planned on racing in the Keyesville Classic today but it may just set me back even longer from resting before the Xterra season starts. I have a long season ahead of me. I was also getting a pain in the front of my knee cap and googled up what that could be…. Too much of an increase in cycling. I guess I have to build a bigger base if I head into something like the Vision Quest again. How about those 100 mile sections of riding in expedition races? I will start building my base now!

Time off of my feet only meant that there was more time to get my paddle on! Too bad it is so close to my Xterra’s and I don’t have an adventure race in close range. I have never paddled so much in my life and I am starting to find my grove in it.

Yesterday, Marius tells me he paddled to San Clemente and back from his house in Dana Point. That is halfway to Catalina he tells me. Marius is a machine that does not no how to complain. I have a lot to learn and base to build in paddling too I guess. I look forward to that and a long summer!

When summer is here in Bako it is going to be HOT ! ! However, it looks like Monique, Nacho, Jet and I may be moving south soon so summer could be long days at the beach surfing again. Man do I miss those late days and BBQ's on the beach with the crew! When did we decide to move again?

Timing is a funny thing and even when I loose sleep or hours of productive work over tough decisions it is hard to know when it is the right time to take action or rest but before long the options become obvious. Geezzzz I really am learning something here.

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