April 17, 2007

LA Triathlon Series #1

I am so proud of Monique! This weekend was her 29th Birthday… or 19th ;-) and she celebrated with family and a 2nd place finish at the LA triathlon series race. This was her first triathlon of the season but I am sure it will not be her last!

(Monique with Mom and Dad at the finish line)

I remember when Monique and I first moved to Bako and she couldn’t run around the block. I remember when she could not really swim across the pool without walking somewhere in the middle. She has come such long way but it is not from the training. I think she is averaging about 3-4 hours a week but her technique improves with EVERY practice. The girl has so much talent and she is so cute!

She was concerned most about the swim but she started out conservative and saved the best for last. Her transition times were excellent and she managed to pass three or four people every time she ran over the timing chip line.

(Transition setup saves SoO much time)

I took note of who was in front of her out of the water and then ran over to the bike course so I could get some pictures and see how she was doing on the street. Monique picked up the pace and I counted less than ten girls in front of her (she was 98th overall out of the water) as she was finishing the bike section. She was hammering and another transition was in her favor. Now racing for a podium spot she was down to the run and she looked relaxed and smooth... I kept yelling encouraging things to her but quickly got the "go away"! Okay I said but remember POSE! :-)

(I wonder if she was thinking about POSE??)

Her energy and focus was now devoted to bringing it home and she did just that... She had the best run split yet and solid race finishing in second place for her age group. Not bad for the training time that she put in... She is all talent!

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