April 30, 2007

Xterra Castaic Lake

Although I was set on racing the Castaic Xterra off-road triathlon this year it just was not going to happen…Looking back I am glad things worked out the way that they did. Monique and I were spent after our race from the day before (more on that to come) but we volunteered to work an aid station as a team once again for the race instead. It was another wonderful experience and a lot of work!

(Monique enjoys the calm before the storm)

It was still Bloody HOT outside and I really felt for the off-road triathletes giving it their all. The swim was nice and flat but the rest of the course looked crazy. I wish I had a picture of the first climb on the bike.... It was a unique perspective to watch a triathlon. I have only seen a few and never an xterra from this view. The "fast" guys really do know how to pace themselves and I think it adds to that "smooth" look of grace as they move about.

we had been camping out with the OC Multisports crew and got to talk about our adventure from the day before over a fire after our race. Now we were watching them all give it a go at a MUCH more intense pace. Unfortunately, Jon Clark got sick that morning but I hear he is a really fast guy...That sucks because he seems super nice... In fact, all of the guys were pretty fast and we saw coach Michael Collins leading the way out of the water was quick to get out of the transition and start the baking process in the hills. Did I mention that it was hot?

Our aid station that we were working was at the end of a long out and back and we saw competitors two times as they make their way through the run. In typical Xterra style there was a very steep "hike" section up to our aid station that slowed down runners before they got to us. If I only had a camera with the looks on some of their faces... Definitely a different perspective.

Posted some of the pictures over here and must admit that volunteering for the event was much better than I thought that it would be but Todd Jackson makes it easy as he is a really cool guy. Big Blue puts on great events I would would do it again... if I am not racing myself

; - )

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