April 08, 2007


In keeping with the lessons I am learning about getting help and reducing the exposure to injury, Monique and I signed up for a running workshop this weekend. “Running Injury Free” How can a runner resist with a title like that?

The workshop covered the proper mechanics, muscle balance and the POSE technique for running. POSE follows an efficient method for going the distance and going injury free! “The Pose Method is a system for teaching of human movement, by determining the key poses, and a model of working with the laws of nature instead of against them. In running, this is achieved by using gravity as the primary force for movement instead of muscular energy.” (You can find out more here). In addition to the instruction, we were video taped to review our current technique (or lack there of) and had some great advise from experts Michael Collins, Brian McKenzie and Dr. Chris Barney that reveled insight to my recent injuries, Monique’s calluses and some preventative steps we can take to reduce muscle imbalance. Good stuff!

I also met the “foam roller” and have been practically making love to it since that day. Ohhh, if feels so good! :-P The mental side of understanding how things are “suppose to” work efficiently and applying them is another thing but if feels so good to be taking steps a better way than what we have been doing. The efficient method will help us whether we are racing top speed in a triathlon, trekking across a ridge in the middle of nowhere or starting and finishing a long day of running an ultra. Time well spent.

Take Home Notes:
-Falling is limited by our fears but it is free energy in motion(gravity)
-Pull is the primary force instead of pushing on the legs(much less effort)
-Keep your body limbs close - Injury is enhanced by your levers
-Strength training is a good thing, even for/especially for endurance sports
-Rest does not necessarily help you recover but working through the injuries is better on your mind and body.

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