July 28, 2007

ride ride ride

We should have known better when we decided to go on a ride today with Cisco and M&M that it would not be a short route. This weekend we had originally planned on running a half marathon up in San Francisco with Moniques school mates but then switched to the night adventure race(under the full moon), then pre-riding the course at Snow Valley and finally a short ride because we needed a rest. Ride ride ride. A little over 8 hours later we got back to our cars and OOhhhhhh was I hungry! ;- O

We had planned to start out at Aliso Woods ride through Laguna Canyon park and loop through El Moro. Monique and I were going to turn around early and I wanted to do a few brick workouts on the way back BUT hanging out with M&M is just too much fun.

We should have taken our exit when Cisco headed back at El Moro but he was on his single speed and made more of the downhill sections that we could make with our fully suspended bikes so there is no comparison there. He also completed a 100+ race last year on that single speed.... He is an animal! So with that we continued on and had the hopes of some milk shake and ocean water ahead to recover. Well worth the ride!

Sunday we spent the day out at trails surfing. Ohhh do I miss surfing! Georgina saved a few waves for us but she obviously had talent all over the place. I think she could have make any of our boards look like magic that day...

I almost forgot about that pain in my ribs the first few times you go out but again it was so worth it. I only with Jordo, David and Westa were there to hang out too. I would have love to see Westa drop in on someone again ;-P

And Mandy... What a superstar! Not only did she literally ride circles around us for almost nine hours but she has a smile and attitude that goes on for days. A true match for Marius and it is so cool to see them together. Mandy only after a short time in the water braved the waves to catch her first wave and I am sure she will be back on a board again. I hope we all will be again soon!

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