July 11, 2007

Unpack, Repack, Repeat

Sounds like the story of my life here in Bako. If I am not packing for work I am packing for a long trip on the trails but who can complain. I love my job and I am so stoked that I can get so much time in on the trail. That is just another nice thing about living in bako... We are never too far away from anything.

(our crap and totes that see the gear to its destination)

My current pack is for Mt. Whitney. I did not plan it out too much but there is not too much to do for a hike. Adventure racing has packed more crap into our garage than I could have imagined but it is sure nice to have the space for now. I leave tonight for Whitney with Joe Westa, Dustin, Aaron and Johnny to stay at the portal and then its a long day tomorrow. Should be an interesting trip with that mix of dudes. I started praying about it last week.

When we get back on Friday . . . Monique and I are packing for the Scout Challenge out at Black Star Canyon. Check-in is at 3-6pm and the race should start somewhere around 4am on Saturday so I tried to get everything packed up today. I have been looking forward to the Scout race for over a year... Well, one year exactly as this was my first AR and still one of the funnest times. I am bummed that Georgina will not be able to make it but Monique and I are racing with Marius and Cisco. So stoked! Should be a blast.

Now, I have to get on the road again.

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