July 08, 2007

Home on the Ranch

It was long overdue to stay home for such a long time now and our schedules opened to appreciation. We are going on our second weekend in a row staying home and it is a first for sure since we moved to bako. After a week at home with Moniques folks and the 4th behind us we were off to explore some more of our local hills and get to the water for a paddle before it gets too hot.

We headed back up river to the Keysville trails and found that it has all turned to sand. Last time we were out in Keysville it was green, wet and cool out. I think we would have been better off on dirt bikes but it was great training. Monique cut her lap time in half from the last time that we were out despite the dust and heat and she was riding so much more confident too. I think that just the thought of her new bike was getting her through the hills ;-0

We were trying to think of a good time to get everyone up to ride the trails and visit the rapids over at Kern River Outfitters.

I don't think they run year round and it would be perfect right about now anyways. With that thought we were off to the water for a looonngg paddle in Lake Isabella. So many bass jumping! We will have to bring our poles next time...

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