November 19, 2007

Getting ready for the Turkey

This weekend we were signed up for a marathon at Catalina and then decided to race 12hrs of Temecula with M&M but ended up not doing that either. We spent the last two weekends at home and it is time to rest up and clean that pool. The holiday season is here and 2007 went by soooo fast.

We do have one more race for the turkey and it is all just fun. If we have ever had a taper going into a race this would be it. The first ever Turkey Tri at Bonelli park and I am looking forward to spending the week with Monique's parents and seeing the OC Multisports crew at the race too.
Next years schedule is starting to form and better than that a plan to archive our goals. Plans for racing, travel, family and our spiritual fruit! "Goals are wishes until you have a plan"

I met with Mike about next years training and mapped out just three focused races that I actually want to stick to a training plan on for the entire way. I have never done that before but I know it would be a big help. This year I really tried to stick to Xterra but after getting injured a few times I went a little nuts and got into every race we could get to. That worked out the best as we got to travel and have had so much fun in adventure races, mt bike adventures and we got to meet so many cool people. Next year it is just a few builds to an Ironman race in August.

I learned so much from the Q Ring testing about big gains from fitness rather than a quick time shave that it lead me to sell my Zipp wheels to get a powertap. I figured that it would be better to learn from my training and racing results than try to squeeze out that last few seconds from some deep dish carbon. Maybe if I stick to a plan I can get that icing on the cake? The turkey tri will be a perfect little race to see a race performance power output and will go a long way to helping my "plan" for next year but most of all it will be a lot of fun!

gobble gobble

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