November 06, 2007

Marin the day after

The day after our little trail race and with one more day left in San Fran we managed to find some energy to get back to those beautiful trails in the Marin hills. SO MUCH FUN!

My brain is out at the moment but the pictures capture so much more of the trail and poop on the trail anyways...

Our ride starts RIGHT OUTSIDE Jeremy and Liz's door!

Only a short climb up and we are on single track, heats pumping and 360 degree views of paradise. These are some of the trails that Jeremy took me on when we did our night ride and the view is just as good with all of the lights across the harbor. It is hard to imagine that this is only a drive away and there is so much diversity in the bay area. We need to get up there more fo sho.

We didnt feel that beat on the ride and we got plenty of rest while J fixed is trusty single speed. I am just amazed that he can ride that in the hills around there but I really did like the breaks too.

Moving on we were getting pooped. . . or the girls were for sure.

And just imagine...we had no TP with us at all!

Miles and miles of single track and I think J would have had us riding until dark but all good things must come to an end...for now.

I am pretty beat now that we are back home and the run and ride are over and am eating everything in site while I hobble around to recovery but looking at the pictures this morning makes me remember what it was all for. Good times.

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