December 22, 2007


 You would think that I would be faced with a super sale at the closing of the shopping fest for Christmas but it just happened to be my front tire today. We were home cleaning all day and I think I set some sort of new record by not leaving the house before 2pm. Even on a Saturday that has got to be a record for us but now that we have our own espresso machine there is no need to rush out early to Starbucks. I know…I have problems.

Heading out to our local hills we started a slow 15min warm-up when I hit a nice little bump and got a little flight time. Hmmm.. That was fun. I thought I would try it again. This time a little higher up the hill to start… a little more speed… a little more air? I got more air but most of it came from my front tire when it was turned inside out.

This was my third ride on my 29er with tubes and two flats. I need to put my tubless kit back on. Tubes suck!! I must be getting old too because my ribs are already killing me. At least I had Nacho to comfort me and kick up dust licking my face while I had the wind knocked out of me. Man's best friend.

That was my ride and I had a slow walk back to the car as Monique and Nacho did hill repeats. The Nach is pretty fast but now that I was walking I realized how much he bottoms out when he hits the gullies. That does not slow him down however… I guess four legs are better than two? He is so cool. Monique was pushing and if she could keep that consistency of training I would have a hard time keeping up. Our Rio Bravo race is just about three weeks away so I am sure she will be ready for it this year. Tonight we are doing some last minute shopping and then it is off to the families down south for Christmas.

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