December 01, 2007

Mr. Toads WIld RIde

Talk about wild rides...I have had a long last few weeks at work... I didn't sleep this tuesday and I think last thursday too. Work will always be there and I guess that is a good thing. No sleep and cold temps lead to colds and I was just the suspect with bad food and too much coffee. I canceled out on our planned Adventure Race this weekend in Malibu... I needed sleep but Marius and Georgina will brave the waves and trails for 12hrs without me.

Monique was going to run a 20K and watch Mandy at the cyclocross races this weekend and maybe even give it a go herself. Staying home made it just too easy not to get involved. Maybe I needed a wild ride to get me out of this spell?

8am Sat and we are just heading out to the event staging at Heart Park. Monique drops me off at Starbucks to finish some more work and goes back to get here shoes she left at home. he he... I needed to finish some work anyways so it worked out well. I brought my shoes "just in case" I wanted to run and 30min later we are trotting along last in line and getting warmed up for our half marathon distance through the hills. I should have known.

The run was good and you cant beat a training run when there are people handing out water and good little treats every few miles. I feel like forest gump ...but I was going to say, when we were tired..we walked. when we were hungry...we ate. Good pace and fun trails.

It was the 20th annual Mr Toad Wild ride and we had some build from the Stinson Beach half we did a few weeks ago but I was still not feelin it. Monique, however, was on the move and ended up getting one of the coolest metals. It has all of the trail names on it and models the "E Ticket" theme of the trails. So cool and I am so proud of her!!

After our race we headed just down the street (literally!) to watch Mandy squash the competition. With her big smiles and extroverted personality I thought we were in trouble when we first saw her. . . We walked up in the middle of her race and were screaming to cheer her on. No smile. . . a face I had never seen? The we just realized she had her race face on and she was fo' real! Go girl go!!!

I felt much better after her race when the smile returned . . . We kept warm the rest of the day by cheering on the crossers and it was a new twist to sport for me. Even if we ran for a few hours the day will go down as "the day we saw our first cyclocross race". Really cool people and a unique masochistic grace that lays out over a track a little over a mile in length so you can see all of the action. Here are some clips

I think the guy above is on Mandys team and the girl video taping is the team leader? I dont know but I do know this guy is Smooooth.

What could be better than riding a rigid bike off road? bunny hops!!

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