August 04, 2008

Killer Weekend

Yes, a killer weekend and no races... Too much going on to mention but I don't want to forget how perfect this weekend was.

M&M finally tied the knot on Aug 2nd which means we saw friends from all over the world flying in to hang out. BBQ friday night at the beach. Brent and David cracking us up. Friends old and new are always a blast with stories from Pete and of Georgina moving to SF and Jeremy and Liz got to visit from SF. Now we have more reasons to head up north for trips! Good times.

After the wedding we were off to see Jason for his BDAY party and that was an experience in itself...
Happy Bday J!

August 2nd was also Monique and my 5th year anniversary!!! I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have Monique in my life and time really does fly when you are having fun. FIVE YEARS?!? We are of the same tune and so stoked to be able to enjoy the creation all around us and get to do what we love to do day after day. . . It has been a dream of sorts.

We managed to love our time together with a few rides on the xbikes, some paddles and a perfect run through the back bay to slow us down and relax is for the best dinner I have had to date. Unbelievable BBQ pizza under the stars and light from the pool with music playing and Nacho licking away. Perfectly in love and a perfect end to a killer weekend.

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