August 12, 2008

Volume or Bust

I have a new found motivation and momentum after moving back to the OC... Not only am I spending less time in the car but I am finally putting that time into some additional time training and quality time in my life. The momentum is awesome! I have always had a low volume and because I have only been at this for a couple of years any increase in volume is an increase in performance. So why have I waited so long??

On Sunday we rode the San Juan trail with a big group. Killer time and I just love that trail. I feel stronger than ever on the bike and my technical skills are feeling right where they should be... I also met Sean Clancy and was so motivated by this guy... He confirmed to me again how moving to a 10, 15, 20+ hours a week is a big jump in performance and even more encouraging to stick to the basics in my first years out. I have a lot to learn and was stoked to have someone like Sean to ask some questions about adventure racing, Ironmans, etc, etc. I just kept going and going ;-)

My new focus on volume is all around frequency. I dont need the 3+ hour sessions as much as I need a solid 3 runs, 3 bike, 3 swim/paddles a week. More sessions and consistency week after week. I have a plan in place leading up to SLO and it should be short enough to stick to... I am motivated more than ever and living with Keevin has proved to be a dream as far as making it easy to train more. Recovery comes easy with the BBQ at poolside ;-)

Here is some history for each sport for the three months leading up to Big Bear-
(April 26, 2008 -- July 26, 2008)

1 per week average
Avg swim - 1 mile
Avg week - 1.4 miles

3 per week average
Avg ride - 13.5 miles
Avg week - 31 miles

1.5 per week average
Avg Run - 5.5 miles
Avg Week - 8.7 miles

1.4 per week average
Avg Paddle - 4.1 miles
Avg week - 8.1 miles

All sports - Distance by week and individual session

Here is an outline of what I am trying to stick to now-

3 of each per week (simple enough to stick it!)

2 of each per week

Simple. I am aiming for frequency over time in each sport so I need to keep the intensity down and session short enough to have some gas left throughout the week. Hours should be at about 10+ per week but I am focusing more on frequency. I plan on taking a rest week on the 18th-23rd for the Santa Barbara Triathlon and then giving a couple more hard weeks after that. No more races every weekend and taper, taper, taper. . . I finally am SO amped about the multisport races and have my life in check living in Huntington that I have a focus that I have never had before. No more holding back and no fear for overtraining. It it time to train smart, hard and work on my limiters. VOLUME OR BUST!!

There it is . . . Now I got to stick it!

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