December 14, 2008

Two to go

This is the second last weekend of the year and and another good one in the books. Friday night I got to paddle with the M's after a quick spin around the back bay. Monique and I got our double out and Marius and Mandy were speeding around the back bay on their double surf ski. Good times and somehow Mandy still managed to stay warm!

The next morning we decided to head up to Jasons parents and meet up for a ride through Whiting Ranch... Our legs were pretty blown from a long week of training but we had holiday food, rain and rest on the way so we just charged it. Jason, Seth, Dave, Corby Monique and I headed out into the clouds. Jason is getting so strong on his x bike!

(my baby now in the sub 20lb range)

After we got beat up in Whiting... Corby, Monique and I decided to head up to the luge and eventually Old Camp. The rain started and the views were amazing. Seriously, how many people see Orange County from this view?

I managed to bust a rear spoke down the luge but it was not slowing me down. The White Brothers fork and Ergon grips are so plush that they may never come of my bike... Rock solid and rockin! I need to expand those Ergons to my other rides too!

At just about 30 miles the hunger started setting in and heading back we were going into four hours and feeling beat...Then we realized that Jasons parents, where we parked, was way up on a hill. I volunteered to ride up, get the car and meet them at Starbucks at the bottom of the hill. I needed the extra climbing anyhow... When I got to my truck I couldn't find my keys! I pulled all of the gear out of my bag but no key...Normal protocol for me.

I rode back down to Starbucks and thought that we could just call Moniques sister to pick us up. I got there before them so I walked up to order a Mocha while I waited... After I ordered I opened my wallet and . . . my truck key was looking right back at me. Agghh... Classic Slater move as Corby says.

Back up the hill again to get the truck with 30+ miles on my tired legs did not feel so good but when I got to the top I watch the sun set and I had my key this time. Wow... a grateful heart is a happy heart. . . even if it is a tired one. Amazing end to another great weekend of 2008

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