December 08, 2008

end of year adventure

Yes, it is the holiday season but adventure racing never stops. . . In just a few days the best teams from around the world will be racing near Dubai at the 6 day Abu Dhabi expedition race. Adventure around the calendar and around the clock for them...

For us... We managed to stumble upon a local race that was put on for FREE by some creative folks over at F.E.A.R exposed. I was stoked to team up with Monique as we tagged along with Melissa and Ryan for a day of fun. I also got to test out my new rigid 2-9 fork for the first time and Melissa was testing out some 20-incher wheels...

This would be our third time racing through this area but there is so much diversity that we felt far away from home and civilization. Course design was spot on and we took in some amazing sites. Plenty of adventure was in store for us and we would find it!

Shortly after making our way out on the first trekking leg we managed to follow an off-shot of a trail up the side of the mountain. The trail turned into a goat track and then into bush bush and more bush. Aghhh. Adventure racing.

I can get into the details of our "extra credit" route but I will just say that our team was loving every minute of our adventure. Before long we reached the rope section and were in for some fun descents.

Racing with Melissa and Ryan was a good time... Perfect attitude for a fun day and we all kept the laughing at the top of the list.

Our route made its way back to our bikes and then down an AMAZING trail network (backbone, etc) to the shore. I really want to go back and ride more of those trails! Not much climbing and smooth lines. Nice!

We managed to start reeling in the checkpoints and our hunger was reeling us in... Time to finish up before the sun set on us.

The sunset was amazing. Seriously, it was one of the best I have ever seen and the pictures cannot capture it as always. We got some grub and then Christian was off to get Haley to a play that night. So thankful for the FEAR crew putting on this race and making such a fun course out of it!
They posted some pictures over here and I put some up over here too. Next year ya gotta get out and join us on this one!

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