December 31, 2008

2008 Training Stats

Just hours before the end of 2008 and I just had to check out the polar reports for this years training. By far my biggest year of training! Although it is still on the low volume for most endurance athletes I am stoked that every hour put in was with purpose and I have learned so much to take with me to 2009 and beyond!

Before we get ready to watch the apple drop here are some quick stats

time and distances for the year (all sports)

Measuring my training by time, I put in almost 650 hours for the year. Out of that the majority went to the bike. Here is the breakdown.

Bike (all)
333hrs total - weekly 6hrs avg/17hrs max
3,289 miles total - weekly 62mi avg/ 257mi max
154hrs total - weekly 3hrs avg/ 15hrs max
2,042 miles total - weekly 45mi avg/ 237mi max
Mt Bike
177hrs total - weekly 4hrs avg/ 13hrs max
1,247 miles total - weekly 29mi avg/ 123mi max(temeclua!)

114hrs total - weekly 2.5hrs avg/ 7.5hrs max
550 miles total - weekly 11.4 avg/ 35mi max

65hrs total - weekly 1.5hrs avg/ 3hrs max
82 miles total - weekly 2mi avg/ 4.4mi max

58hrs total - weekly 2.5hrs avg/ 4hrs max
250 miles total - weekly 11mi avg/ 23mi max

21hours total - weekly :45min avg/ 1:40 max

Distance for the bike

Another great example of when things go right leading into a race. I had some solid rest weeks earlier in the season but the riding that started with Keevin in August was just enough to let me handle the harder workloads in the three big weeks prior to Temecula in November. Not that I planned any of it and I could not have planned it any better! During those three big weeks (big for me anyways) my rides with Keevin were added to two sessions a week with Sean Clancy. The 12 hours of Temecula race was the frosting on the cake. I have never felt that strong for that long on the bike and had never even ridden over 70ish miles before that three week block. Hitting 11 laps at Temecula was felt awesome!

distance per week running

My run is just the opposite. Low volume and my biggest week was just about 35 miles. I can count the friends I have that run on one hand... I cannot even number the folks who I can go ride with throughout the year. No worries. Plenty of room for growth in my running with some more volume and some speed work later in 09. 40% of my running this year was during a race! ha! That's good speedwork and I got a PR at every distance ;-P

OK. One more sport. Paddling! I just love it and the California Multisport races changed my paddling pleasure to make it something I would do even if I am not racing. For the short build that I had going into the Multisport series I really got a feel for paddling the surf ski's and and I looking forward to 2009 with more multisport and paddle races. Awesome core workout too!

Somewhere around June I started using Attack Point to log my training sessions. I am an enginerd by occupation so it is just one more way to checkout the data ;-) I have used the Polar logging since I started training but with the Attack Point I can log a lot more detail from anywhere over the internet and it has a bit more for training partners. Good stuff. Here is a breakdown of the last 6 months on Attack Point. 2009 is going to be awesome!!

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