February 17, 2009

the little things

Its the little things . . . decisions we make and things we do that make us all so unique. In life and racing . . .it all adds up. I have been trying to focus on the little things this year like, not only what I am eating but when I am eating it. Sleep, rest and the little things that go on between training sessions. The little things can be working for you or against you!

Moments before we started the snowshoe race I was out of a pair of snowshoes... Monique and I were letting some friends use ours and then we found out our demo pairs were not available. No worries. Paul let me use his personal pair and I was stoked! I knew I would have some speed on my side with them. His size 13 something foot was a big shoe to fill so I managed it by cranking the heal strap SUPER tight. It worked. I didn't even feel the skin ripping off of my ankles until I got in the shower later that day... Oh, I felt it then!

Flash forward almost two weeks and my muscles, aerobic system and mind have fully recovered. I got in another solid week on the bike with some intensity climbs, running volume is up and I have been swimming more than I have been since high school. I feel great. However, the little blisters on my heels just kept getting worse. I kept ripping the skin off of the blisters and just never let them heal. The little things that have now infected my left foot making it hard to walk. Yep. I let a little thing slip and now I'm jacked. I am just glad that it is not a muscle/tendon issue...At least I hope it is not. I am planning some rest and now that I am treating my wounds (and resting my heels) I am hoping they heal quickly...

This weekend there is a few groups heading out to watch the Tour of California final and hang out somewhere on Palomar. It has been awesome watching these top level guys in action! The clip above is from our ride today on the way home from Clovis. I don't know how the pro's are pushing 20+ miles per hour in the cold rain. Tough day at the office!

Another big weekend for us also because we are starting early with the 6 hour Duathon in Vegas on Saturday. I was going to race it as a duo with my buddy David Fowler and just stay on the bike but now it looks like I am running solo...if my foot heals.

I also got my new White Brothers fork in the mail today...Perfect timing! With the trails in Bootleg Canyon I am going to need all of the suspension that I can get! Its the little things like 80mm of travel that add up after six hours on the trail! ;-0 The opportunity will also be a perfect chance for me to feel it out and make some adjustments between laps. A good weekend of training if I am healed up and ready to go but a good weekend of hanging out with friends for sure.


Luke said...

bootleg rocks!! have fun out there! try those little blister patch thingies of you haven't already. they make ones especially for the heal area...but i know that pain bro! heal up!

Pedal Circles said...

Crazy mudslide!

Zippy said...

I don't think you'll go back to the rigid fork after riding the new one. Hope your foot heals!