February 04, 2009

Results, a new look and a new sponsor

Well, the old black and dark had to go at some point so my blog got a new theme and color splash today... Much easier to add logos and read ya think? Luke found the title pic up there of me (from the Temecula race)on SoCal Trail riders and it fits just right. Thanks Luke!

I also got an email from Gu Energy Labs today about sponsorship. STOKED!! There are a lot of choices out there for gels but the GU line and Roctane are on a new level. The best!! Did you know what makes a GU a Roctane GU? For endurance athletes it provides an edge by giving you BCCAs, OKG and essentials like potassium and sodium (not to mention CAFFEINE) to keep you going when your body is on the edge. I am so stoked that I will be able to suck down pomegranate roctanes on my training and racing days knowing that I can represent them doing it.

The results are posted up from our run this weekend and I was pretty pleased with the results after the week I had and the miles I put in on my feet recently. The last time I ran 13 miles was back in October so my plan was to start sloooow and drop some seconds every mile. I was also trying to keep my heart rate down and it was running around 155bpm until the last two miles. It worked out something like this (watch lap times per mile)

7:38, 7:24, 7:24, 7:25, 7:35, 7:14, 7:17, 7:22, 7:12, 7:16, 7:15, 7:19, 7:06, 6:43
Avg HR 156, Max 168

Official time shows as Finish: 1:35:33 Pace: 7:18

I have been tracking my running miles from the time I was going to run the Santa Barbara 9 Trails and I am hoping to keep my average miles at about 30 for the next few weeks. It maybe a challenge with the VQ race coming up but hopefully I can make it happen.

Temecula Results are also posted over on Geoladders. Wes and I got squeezed out of 2nd place by 1 minute in the last mile. Exciting finish and end to a long day. Our official lap times rolled out like this (my laps in bold)

15 Laps (11:42)
0:50, 0:47, 0:40, 0:43, 0:46, 0:40, 0:47, 0:44 0:47, 0:43, 0:49, 0:47, 0:53, 0:46, 0:55

Awesome race and I would be stoked to team up with Wes again in the future. For now...it is all about resting up and hopefully getting stronger for the races later in the year.


Luke said...

good stuff bro!! dang...gu shot me down! i think they like runners ;)
anyway, great splits at the half and the 12...very impressive!

Pedal Circles said...

Congrats on the new sponsor! I bought a Roctane for last Saturday, but never wound up using it. Was taking in Hammer gel with caffeine all day and didn't need the extra jump. I know I will at some point! Maybe on Sunday?

Nice look also!