February 08, 2009

Rest and Recovery

We got back from Big Bear today and completed the first of a five event race series in the Open Air Big Bear Challenge. On tap today was the 10K snowshoe race and a full report to follow but the first order is some much needed rest and recovery.

Going into the race I have had some lag and knew I would....it was all part of the "plan". Last weekend was a big one for volume and intensity and I kept it going through this week adding another 100+ miles on the bike and slowly bringing up my time in the pool. By the time I finished up my bike ride in the rain on Friday I felt spent! I may not have been 100% recovered but it no worries. I am stoked at the results from the race today and resting up probably would not have changed my final position anyways. Hopefully, it will all yield a bigger return when the rest and growth happens this week.

(training volume starting Jan 1 2009)

After looking back at my training starting January 1st I have only had four complete days of no activity. Today makes twelve days straight of some higher intensity sessions. I think my miles are still lower for a typical endurance athlete but still much more and than I have ever been able to keep up in the past and I am still feeling super motivated and injury free!

I cannot mention recovery without giving props to Fluid! This has been the biggest build I have ever put together and I have been able to bounce back into training with the right recovery and maintain a consistency that I have never had before. I know it would not have been possible without the right recovery and a recovery drink that works better than anything out there.

I have been using the products from my other sponsors for years but I had never used the Fluid Recovery drink before (new company) so I wanted to put it to the test before I gave it a thumbs up . I was not sure if I was going to post about it or how it would work.... As much as it would be nice to have another sponsor, I wanted to put it to the test for myself. If I don't believe in it or would not pay top dollar for it myself why would I want to be endorsing something?

They say, "the proof is in the pudding" and now I can say the same for Fluid...I was blown away with how awesome it works. I already liked the fact that it is all natural (no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients) and adds Glutamine for recovery but now after 38 days of hard training, four races (at "Race Pace" intensity) and more volume than I have ever had before I can say that I am a believer!

Work + Rest = Success. Now it is on to some longer recovery in the body and mind this week!


Luke said...

dig the graph bro...some good work in there!

Pedal Circles said...

I've been wondering about Fluid recovery.. Heard some good things at the local bike shop. I've still got a few containers of Recoverite to go through before trying anything else, though :)