March 22, 2009


So I have had a pretty good build going from a little rest after VQ. I am still keeping the variety pretty wide before focusing in on "race sim" training and have started to get out for some paddle time again. The weather is getting so nice here in SoCal.

In the 16 days ending 2009-03-22: (VQ to today)

activity # timemileskm+ft

Road Bike10 19:11:30 312.08(3:41) 502.24(2:17) 12730

Mt Bike2 8:00:00 74.7(6:25) 120.22(3:59) 14700

Swim5 3:45:00 5.0(45:00) 8.05(27:57)

Trek/Walk5 3:31:00 18.75(11:15) 30.18(6:59)(SanFran)

Trail Running2 2:30:00 14.5(10:20) 23.34(6:25) 2550

Paddle2 2:06:00 8.51(14:48) 13.7(9:11)

Road Running3 1:49:00 12.42(8:46) 19.99(5:27) 400

Weights2 1:05:00

Total31 41:57:30 445.96

I have been slowly building up the Moots and switching over parts from the Orbea. . . Something tells me this MootoX is going to last a lot longer.

By Sunday I had moved over everything and got my first ride in on it...First ride since VQ on the dirt! Monique and I headed over to watch the San Dimas Sage Race and then did a couple of laps at Bonelli after. This was the final stage of the race and they were charging full force in the pissing rain.

When we got to Bonelli the dirt was in PRIME condition and the YBB suspension of the Moots was a surprise. I had a feeling that it would descends better but I had no idea how efficient it would be on the climbs. Much smoother, faster, funner!! I will still have some adjustments to make but I am pretty happy with it after just one ride. An all day (and night) race machine.


Zippy said...

The Moots is certainly lust-worthy. Yeah, I'm jealous.

Luke said...

geez man...that's a lot of training! the new rig looks sweet bro!

Vu said...

Dude that bike looks amazing. I've always had a thing for nice ti bikes and Moots are definitely one of the nicer ones out there.

The welds are perfect!

Jason said...

I am completely in lust with that bike. Congrats